Consulting Services

Why would a nonprofit organization need a consultant in the first place?

GGS Consulting serves both start-up and established nonprofit organizations by working closely with its key players to create and execute targeted strategic plans that address an organization’s programmatic, infrastructure and development needs.

Genevieve Getman-Sowa helps an organization to build a road to success, leading it towards achieving its mission to the benefit of the people and causes it serves.

GGS Consulting breaks down an organization’s needs into several different areas essential to achieving maximum performance with minimal resources:

Contact GGS Consulting today to revitalize your organization’s vision and open new avenues of communication to discover your development potential!

“As Board President of the Valley Children’s Museum, Genevieve was a dedicated, hard-working leader with a true passion for hands-on, play-based learning. At the same time, she was detail-oriented and an excellent writer. Genevieve moved the board of directors forward by developing the organization’s programs and hiring its first staff members. Her work ethic and development brought the museum closer to fruition.”

-Sonja Hongisto, Principal, Hongisto Consulting Group

©Genevieve Getman-Sowa 2017

Photography by Genevieve Getman-Sowa | All rights reserved

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