Optimizing Flow

How do we define the concept of “FLOW” to achieve defined goals and outcomes tied to our vision and mission?

Flow implies movement towards a destination and is affected by the potential to be impeded by barriers or perhaps even caught in an eddy. By designing our systems and program implementation while keeping flow in mind, we opt for achieving maximum impact obtained through the most efficiently designed methods.

At board retreats, workshops and in the workspace, using Kanban systems aids organizations in visualizing the work at hand in order to define and achieve our goals. Seeing our current and future work laid out on a simple grid allows us to define potential roadblocks and anticipate shortfalls regarding funding, resources, or people power. Rather than pushing people into doing work that they may, or may not, be capable of or ready to do, flow systems pull from prioritized tasks or defined work to increase flow efficiency and achieve effective outcomes.

Keeping the concept of flow in mind, at GGS Consulting Board Retreats and Workshops, Genevieve walks organizations through:

  • Exploring and outlining all aspects of organizational programming and operations, including analysis of what works and what does not.
  • Developing leadership, staffing and committee structures to implement the work at hand; including how identified teams work in conjunction with each other to avoid duplicated work and wasted resources.
  • Designing “flow streams” to identify, in essence, doing “the right work, at the right time, with the right teams.”

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