GGS Consulting Services

How do we turn brilliant ideas born from compassion for a cause into reality?

What does it take to transform a “lightbulb” idea into a fully functioning nonprofit organization positioned to serve a great need? Alternatively, your organization may have been born decades ago and needs to revitalize its vision to address contemporary concerns. Visioning workshops inspire organizations to think big while focusing on the core impact we aim to achieve.


We know where we want to go, but how do we reach our destination?

So… You have a great idea to serve people or the environment, or perhaps you are part of an existing nonprofit organization struggling to implement your programs with limited staffing or funding. Genevieve’s inspiring, yet practical, approaches align the core mission of each organization with its journey on the road to success.


How do we organize our work, who’s on our team, and what do we need to do?

Let’s find the right path using the right tools. Genevieve uses Kanban boards to visualize essential work and strategize innovative paths forward. Long after the strategic planning workshops have concluded, Kaizen practices aim for continuous improvement while valuing every person’s work and contributions. Genevieve helps organizations sort through the complexity of today’s advanced online and social media tools.


What blocks organizations from moving into an optimal zone for achieving its mission?

Genevieve works with the key stakeholders in an organization to identify the elements that may impede your organization’s flow towards making beneficial and significant impact to society, cultures or the environment.


Making impact lies at the core of why and what we do at nonprofits.

The ultimate goal for organizations is to make change: to make a community, a nation, or even the world, a better place to live, thrive and achieve our dreams. What story does our data tell to conclude that we are making a beneficial impact to those we serve? Building metrics and data systems into our plans can create safe spaces for holding retrospective sessions when we come to the end of a cycle.